Myth Busting

The one thing that I hate most about being in the “public eye” (to a very minimal degree) is that I am constantly facing scrutiny and criticism. I often feel like I could solve global warming or impeach Trump and individuals would still have negative things to say about it.

There have been many comments towards me since I left Field Trips. Comments that I have let slide or just ignored because a response didn’t feel warranted. But the more time I spend away from social media, the more assumptions are made. I’ve been very quiet about what’s been it the works for me, yet I am still being questioned about my “relationship” with my former boss and even the “real” reason I left Field Trips, down to people questioning my identity.

So let’s set the record straight on this myth busting edition of “Jamie Is Really Mad.”

  1. “They’re definitely secretly dating!” “That’s the only reason he brought her on the show, so he can f*** her.” “She’s just eye candy to increase his following.” — It genuinely saddens me that the majority of people who commented on my internship/job/whatever it was automatically assumed that we were dating or I was there for some ulterior motive. I understand the assumptions, don’t get me wrong. A young, good-looking, 23-year-old moves into an RV with her boss after knowing him for only a couple of days and the imagination runs wild for those of you who don’t know me. I’ve heard the raunchiest, most disgusting things coming from some people and I can’t help but wonder, how would your mother feel if she knew you were categorizing me based off of your predetermined assumptions about a man and a woman living together? How would your wife or your child feel if you made the same assumptions about their platonic relationships with men? I bet they’d be pretty hurt and offended. So what makes me any different? I’m not allowed to speak up because I’m representing a business and have to control my responses? It’s safe to say I’m pretty happy I’m no longer falling into the category of sleeping with my boss or just being a part of Field Trips because I’m nice to look at. That being said, many of you have used the term “break up” in response to me leaving. To break up with someone, you have to be in an intimate relationship with them, at least because that’s what I’m assuming the majority of people thought. I know, here I am talking about not making assumptions and I’m assuming your thought processes. Don’t get me wrong, you can have a break up with a friend or a family member and many people would probably argue that’s what they meant but we all know it’s not.
  2. “She was really pissed about leaving.” — You guys. Come on. This one is actually funny to me because do you HONESTLY think I would take the time to write such kind things about Rob in my last blog post if I was angry about leaving? If I was angry, I probably would have A. Not even acknowledged it on any social media platforms, B. Deleted him off of all of my social media C. Unfollowed him on social media or D. Pretended I never worked for Field Trips in the first place. I really thought I was clear with y’all about the reason behind all of this. I didn’t need to take time out of my day to satisfy everyone’s curiosity if I didn’t feel genuinely humbled and appreciative of the experience I was given. There is absolutely no animosity between either of us and we still remain good friends. If you don’t believe me, feel free to stalk both of our social medias to notice we do still follow each other and we like/comment/support each other’s posts and what not.
  3. “I heard Nattie up North is why they split.” “She’s working for him now.” “Nattie got more attention in Panama.” — I am not one to ever get jealous of another person’s success, talent or relationship (unless it involves questioning loyalty or trust). I had the privilege of meeting Natalie in Panama after following her on social media for quite some time. She quickly became someone I aspired to be like and somewhat of a celebrity in my eyes. And just like Rob, she is the type of person who is super authentic, down to earth, real in what she does and passionate about fishing. I can only speak for myself but, as far as I am concerned, Natalie had nothing to do with my end on Field Trips. When Rob and I spoke on the phone about my internship coming to an end, he had told me this was something he had decided BEFORE Panama. I’m not sure the truth behind that as Panama was tough for both of us, but Rob has never given me any reason not to trust him, therefore I believe him when he says that. And even if Natalie was going to co-host and begin working with Rob, I would be excited for them! I think they would make a great team together. But she never came up in our discussion about me leaving the show and she appeared in the Panama episodes so much because she was there to fish at Los Buzos, she’s a bit of a YouTube celebrity herself and because she caught some killer fish.
  4. “She’s playing for the other team now.” — This one really got under my skin. For a variety of reasons. None of which is anyone’s business but because we have some homophobes in the house, I guess it’s time to address it. This all goes back to assuming Rob and I were dating in the first place, which I didn’t mind, but to go out of your way to boldly state that I am “playing for the other team” is absolutely not OK and will not be tolerated by me. That being said, if you have a problem with me having a girlfriend, I suggest you unfollow me REAL quick. My personal life and my sexual preference is absolutely no one’s business and not something I appreciate anyone talking about. By all means, if you want to assume I’m sleeping with my boss, that’s all on you. You’ll look like the fool at the end of the day. But to make comments on my sexuality, just because I left the show, AS IF THAT’S THE REASON I LEFT THE SHOW, is disgusting to me. And I really, really mean it when I say, if you don’t support me for ME  (gay, straight, bi, queer, a spaghetti strainer, an airplane, a donkey), take that energy elsewhere because it has no place here. And I am very happy with my girlfriend and very comfortable with my sexuality. Most of the people saying that are probably just mad they don’t have a chance with me, let’s be real. *mic drop*

With all of that being said, I am really excited to share some of the stuff I have coming up. But because none of it is set in stone yet, I have been staying quiet about what’s going on behind the scenes. I do have a really cool trip planned in August of 2019 which I am beyond excited to talk about but I want to wait a little longer until we have everything fine tuned. And of course, I don’t want to announce it months in advance and have it fall through. But it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise.

The future is always going to be a mystery. But between my last post in the beginning of February and this post, at the end of February, I feel like things are starting to fall into place a little bit and I should be able to make some announcements soon about what’s going on and where my future is headed.

I appreciate all the love and support and I really hate using this platform to talk about negative things but I can’t just sit back and let these things be said without acknowledging them or defending myself. Remember to be kind, think about what you say and be aware that everyone is fighting some sort of battle that you know nothing about.

Thank you,
– J




14 thoughts on “Myth Busting

  1. Jeff Hotz says:

    Wow Jamie first I want to say that I think you did great with Rob while working for him and sometimes rhink are just nit the right fit so you move in to bigger and better things. You should not have to be defending or explaining yourself at all over all this as I feel that you where very gracious with all that you said about your departure from field trips and I see all the time that you and Rob like and comment on each others stuff. Don’t let the trolls of the world get to you because they have no lives and are just miserable little beings out there and not worth your time or effort. I look foward to seeing what your new adventures will be and I know you are not a huge fan of bass fishing but lake anna near me has some great striper fishing if you ever get down to virginia you have a friend to hit the water and do some fishing with!

    Liked by 1 person

    • James Lee Costa says:

      Thank you for your comment. It definitely is easy to forget what I brought to Field Trips and instead, get caught up in the nonsense of the Internet. It’s something I struggle to avoid at all costs. Can’t wait to share what I have been working on with you all! and I absolutely will. Let me know if you make it to the Cape!


  2. Rick Flores says:

    It is sad that we live in a world where no one is responsible for what they say. They feel if they are not face to face they can say whatever they want with no remorse. When in fact if they were face to face they would never say those things. I am extremely proud of you for standing up for yourself. You are an amazing young woman with such a bright future ahead of you. Thank you for taking us along this journey.


    • James Lee Costa says:

      You are very right! It’s bothersome that I have to explain myself and my character at all. Thank you so much for the constant support.


  3. Abueasa says:

    Please just egnore the nigitive remark, the you replay to them they will send more.
    I only care about fishing, but I still follow you, because I do like you.
    Honestly, this is the fist time I rite on the net, due to my poor English.
    We love you just the way you are.
    So please just egnore those negitive followers.


  4. Ralph F. says:

    It’s definitely a sad world where people come up with some of those ideas.

    And Natalit would never “co-host” on Rob’s channel. She knows way more about fishing than Rob does. And, she’s too busy with MLF now.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.


  5. Nick says:

    Hello! I was watching Robert’s video today and wondered what happened to you and, when I heard you left and saw you had a blog I decided to check it out. You are doing good keep your head up. Like others have said you don’t have to explain yourself just continue your journey. Much respect on your fishing knowledge. Peace!


  6. JC says:

    I just heard the news in one of Rob’s videos. I’ve really missed you being a part of the outdoor adventures. Thanks for bringing a spark of fun and a beautiful personality and smile into the Youtube fishing community for a season. You have been missed by me.

    Life is fun, Live It!


    • James Lee Costa says:

      I’ve missed being a part of the adventures as well but thankfully, I am still doing something similar back home, but without recording haha I appreciate the kind words a lot and I hope you continue to follow along! Thanks 🙂


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