Unanswered Thoughts

The more time I spend away from my pen and paper (in this case, my computer and my keyboard) the more scattered and lost my thoughts become.

I took a class in high school at a local college on writing and one of the first exercises we did at the beginning of the course was writing for two minutes straight. The first thoughts that popped into our head. The most random of thoughts. The rules: our pens couldn’t leave the paper and we couldn’t pause to think. No thinking, just writing.

I think I’m going to begin this post the same way we began our classes. Don’t think, just write.


There are so many things I have in my head. So many things I want to write about but I don’t even know where to start. I’m babysitting the puppy this week. She is the sweetest little thing but she is so vocal. Constantly barks and cries when you’re not paying attention to her but the biggest snuggle monster. I want a puppy of my own one day. I have my dog now but he is a family dog, he isn’t MY dog. But before I can even think about getting a puppy, I have to think about moving out and to think about moving out, I have to think about a more stable income. Things I want to talk about but things I won’t be able to say for another couple of weeks. Panama came and went. That was an experience, one I’ll probably write about in the coming weeks as well. Or maybe today. Who knows. 

I’m sure after getting through my jumbled mess of thoughts, you have a lot of questions. What am I not able to write about yet? Well, I guess you have to wait and see. As for Panama, it was good and bad in a lot of ways. I left feeling very unwelcome and maybe that was something I brought on myself but I have a feeling it was something else entirely. And that all came to light in the following days after returning home.

I remember telling my mom a couple of days in, even if I was invited to go back to Los Buzos, I don’t think I would go. It’s hard for me to write negative things about a person or a business that has done so much for me, especially when I was there out of someone else’s pocket but man, I have never felt so out of place in my entire life. And that’s no ones fault but the dynamic was weird and as the first group left and the second group arrived, it became worse for me.

I’m not the only one who felt it. There were members of the second group who felt the same way about the situation but I ended up taking the brunt of it because A) I am a female and B) I wasn’t paying to be there. So I faced a lot of skepticism, a lot of sexism and just a lot of belittling my entire time there. I really felt like I had no place being there. I often found myself wondering out loud, what the f*ck am I here for?

That being said, those who paid were treated as they should have been. Those who did not pay (me) were not treated so great by individuals who I will not name.

One night I remember specifically, I ended up separating myself from the group and sitting down to write. I’ll share it, I guess. I would like to share more of my authentic writing like this, but I fear judgement.

January 15, 2019 at 8:47 p.m. (Pizza Night Week Two): I wish I could pinpoint exactly how I feel. It’s like the words don’t want to flow from my mouth that is always so fluid in the worst moments. I can’t seem to relate to those I am surrounded by but maybe it’s who I choose to surround myself with, as if I have a choice in most situations. I stare at my reflection and although I recognize myself, I don’t recognize who I have become. I feel like I’m constantly waiting for something to change but am I making conscious choices to change it? As if i know what IT is.

Loneliness sneaks up on me at the strangest times, when I’m surrounded by like-minded people with common interests, rooms filled with strangers that pay no mind to me. Why am I here. I long for recognition and appreciation and I pick apart my flaws when others around me have what I lack. A fluidity, an acceptance, a recognition, a light. I fear mine is dark. I fear no one will understand the depths of my mind in the way that I long to be understood. I fear no one will see me for what I contain, rather than for what I lack. 

I am surrounded by empty voices, voids of people speaking and breaking the muffled silence I am caught up in. Bits of their conversations slip into my head and I jump from voice to voice, clinging to something I can connect with. But I am stuck in the silence. My own silence that I have created. The words won’t form on my bland palette. I choke on my silence, I choke on my breath. I wish I could spit it out onto the plate in front of me. The voices fade once more and I am lost again with the stars above. Floating through my mind like satellites in space, waiting to discover my light. 

[Cue panic attack]

I don’t have much to say about that. Much like Forrest Gump when he finished a story and effortlessly glided into the next one. I finish one train of thought and effortlessly fall into an abyss of similar thoughts that have no place in my head. But they’re there anyways. Regardless, I needed this loneliness to discover the clarity I have been seeking. I needed to panic and write and isolate myself in order to see the dynamic of the situation as clearly as I see it now.

I have never belonged. And maybe most look at that as a weakness, but I have chosen to see it as a strength. Maybe because I have no choice but maybe because it makes me unique. When I am in a group of people, listening to them discuss their days and their experiences, I am often struck with the feeling that no one is being authentic with their words and I zone out. I mentally remove myself from the situation and let my mind wonder to places they don’t often go because I am rarely alone.

And sure, it pains me more often than not to feel like I’m not understood but I don’t feel as though anyone has truly tried to understand me. I’m not even sure I understand myself most days but it’s moments like these, moments like those, that I begin to see myself even more. Even if none of my words make sense in the moment they’re being thought, they often make sense later after I’ve had time to reflect.

This blog has no agenda. This blog has no theme. Much like my life and my thoughts. If we did the same thing every day with the same mentality, there would be no growth. And I find that growth often stems from the most uncomfortable or painful situations. Not saying Panama was either of those adjectives, but it definitely was a place where I was not comfortable and felt more like I was being tolerated rather than accepted.

That’s not a feeling I ever wish to feel again, which is why my removal from certain situations has been warranted, accepted and even appreciated as it now gives me time to focus on myself and my own future rather than someone else’s.

More to come soon.



10 thoughts on “Unanswered Thoughts

  1. FloridaBackwaters. Tv says:

    So does this mean you’ll not be continuing your yak fishing takeover with Robert? Keep telling your story have a few more panic attacks go work out some and keep blogging


    • jamiecosta266 says:

      Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can answer at this exact moment but in a couple of weeks I will able to talk more fluidly about it and will write a follow up blog post that will hopefully clear up a bit of the confusion that this one has left many with. Thank you for the support and the follow!


      • Don cooper says:

        You need to find midwestfishingirl and read her stuff and speak with her. She has a strong group of good people around here and knows lots of females doing the gig. Good luck and it was a pleasure fishing with you in Tennessee on the chick. Dcooper.


      • James Lee Costa says:

        I followed her the other day! Her stuff is awesome — sent her a message but we’ll see if she responds! Was awesome meeting you and fishing with you. Thank you!


  2. Jeremy says:

    I find myself in your shoes quite often. My minds been consumed by the vast ocean. Without another like-minded individual in the room, please spare me the small-talk (how’s the weather)


  3. Lewis Maker says:

    Hi Jamie. Well I understand better now. There has been a lot of speculation out there. You know. One guy said “They Broke Up” and “When she left she was really pissed” I don’t see that in you. You should of felt hurt and un-appreciated for sure. In one of Field’s videos he says you are the co star but has to include a few second snippet of you picking up firewood to carry in. Very rude hosts there at Los Bozos. The beer really wasn’t free was it. I’m an old retired anthropology professor. Sociologically people act differently in groups. “The whole world is a stage.” And you are alone with your thoughts and feelings that are more important than all the fake garbage around you. Join the club. Oh hell no! Don’t ever let other people control your feelings. Sometimes, Jamie you have to just stop being so nice. If you look at Rob in the videos after you left his body language says he is very saddened without you. Especially in the evenings when people are eating and talking. Sad little lost puppy dog. “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” But that’s all over with now. And you lucky dog you- all the people you met and the fish the fish the fish. That’s what it’s about now. And teaching by your example other women how to do it and the feelings of accomplishment and self pride comming out of it. Thank you for putting up with me on YouTube and answering. I’m the one joking about the passport thing. I was really just fishing to see if Rob was taking you down there. Also I recomended the heavy jig. Funny you already knew all about that. Men always think women know nothing unless they tell them about it first. Oh, but did you get a chance at all to fish there? There are places closer to fish with the same variety. “Fishing With Luisa” on the tube. Gulf of Mexico a lot calmer waters too. That’s it for now I’ll write again I want to Kayak yak at you. In Batman the joker says to Rachel “And you are beautiful”… Louie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • James Lee Costa says:

      Hi Lewis, I just stumbled across those comments as well but clearly the people who are speaking negatively have not heard the entire truth or taken the time to understand the situation. I can’t speak for him but I personally haven’t watched any videos since I left Field Trips but I think we are both better off and I am sure he’s probably doing just fine without me, which was expected. But thank you so much for your kind words and I got to fish a little bit but not as much as I had expected or anticipated.


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