Winding Down

I always considered myself spontaneous. Not a “jump in an RV with a man I barely know” spontaneous but I guess I have to live up to the adjective if I’m going to use it to describe myself.

When the summer started, I promised myself I would say yes to everything but I had no idea that would mean getting a jump-start on my career and my life like this. I was thinking more along the lines of going out the night before I had work at 4 a.m. (which I did) or going on a date with someone I didn’t really know (which I also did — still single). Little things. Drive up north for a weekend, jump on a plane to an unfamiliar destination, go on a road-trip with my best friends. Not uproot my life like I’m about to do.

I’ve questioned my sanity almost every day since I said yes to this. I don’t know what my mom would prefer more; a tattoo because I’m bored (I’ve done this as well) or taking off cross-country with a YouTuber. Either way, she’s definitely more supportive of me reaching for my goals than permanently inking my body but you win some, you lose some.

As the days are winding down to my departure, the nerves are subsiding. I am more than ready to get off this little island of mine and explore the world one mile at a time. Who knows where I’ll end up, or who I’ll end up with, but this journey is going to take me to places I couldn’t possibly imagine. I am fueled by the idea of adventure and being high off my own happiness and satisfaction. But I’m trying really hard not to wish my summer away. I’ve said small goodbye’s everyday but the sadness and reality won’t set in until I cross that bridge. And man, what a feeling that will be.

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